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Digital Rear View Monitor 9 Zoll Quadview

Product no.: RF-195

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RF-195 Digitaler Farbmonitor

  • Products featured function
  • Dimension:9 Inch Digital Color LCD Quad monitor.
  • TV System: NTSC/PAL
  • Multiple menu languages: English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
  • Monitors can be optional with loudspeaker or not, users can adjust sound on the control
  • Support 4 cameras video simultaneous input
  • Support 4 cameras audio simultaneous input
  • Single, dual, triple, quad image for optional
  • Normal or mirrored picture can be switched separately on each camera
  • Separate trigger control wire on each camera
  • Monitor will automatic switch-over the image to the corresponding triggered camera and
  • back to the original mode when the trigger stops.
  • The trigger delay time can be adjusted (1-5s) on each camera.
  • In standby mode, monitor will turn on automatically when triggered and will switch to the
  • corresponding trigger camera image.
  • Working voltage: 12-32V,Self-protect of the DC voltage at the Short-Circuit.

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